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The Story of Laurel Limb

Laurene simply means The Laurel Tree or Sweet Bay (Leaf). It is an evergreen, a plant that retains green leaves throughout the year.

I am rooted to my name. While symbolic of a laurel tree, I also feel a connection to other evergreens of Pine and Spruce, and especially their offspring, the pinecone. 

When I see an evergreen, I notice their trunk-the foundation, their limbs-the arms, and their exuberant green foliage-the energy. 

They appear to me as a Mother of the forest, standing tall and wise, protecting the ground, and nourishing her surroundings, until the ultimate day she will fall. 

They are a figure of support. When I view the mountains in the winter, I spot the Mothers peering out among the others, always enduring. 

In folklore, evergreens are a symbol of fertility, wisdom and longevity. The pine tree is a symbol of peace. 

In the myth, Apollo's Tree, Daphne, a nymph and goddess of wild things was known for her freedom and will to remain unmarried. 

In the tale, Cupid's arrow catches Apollo, the God of Light's heart and he lays his eyes upon Daphne, falling in love.

Daphne prayed to her parents Gaea, the Goddess of Earth and Peneus, a river God for help to escape Apollo, and so she was transformed into a laurel tree. 

She became a sacred tree, symbolic of transformation, triumph, and victory. Her legs-the trunk, her arms-the branches, her hair-the leaves, a complete transformation into qualities of the woods, she once roamed. 

Laurel Limb is inspired by the evergreens, Mother Earth, my roots, the tales of love and my journey of transformation.  

As a doula, I act as an evergreen does, nurturing, supporting and empowering a woman through her transformation.

As a yoga teacher, I seek to embody and teach the The Eight Limbs of Yoga (Patanjali). Creating a practical, yet rooted practice in the spiritual teachings of yoga.

As a tree grows new rings, sheds old bark, and deepens its roots. I allow my practice to the same. My work, and Laurel Limb are ever evolving and expanding. 


Laurene (Jaishwari) Roup

In 2016, I obtained a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Minors in Geography and Human-Environmental Inquiry from Penn State University. In late 2017, I interned with Annelise Latini of Clear Sphere Yoga and in May 2018 I received my 200 hour yoga teacher certification from  Swamini Shraddhananda Saraswati  & Ed Ramchandra Allitt of Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram. Where I received that beautiful spiritual name Jaishwari, meaning love and contentment. I started teaching yoga at Clear Sphere, but a deeper passion called to me, which was to be a doula and prenatal yoga teacher. In 2018, I trained with Whapio Diane Bartlett, the founder of The Matrona Foundation as a Holistic Birth and Postpartum doula. I am waterbrith certified by Barbara Harper of Waterbirth International. I am currently continuing my education as a Birth Doula through Childbirth International and as a Birthkeeper through Holistically Empowered Rebel Birthkeepers Academy of Learning (HERBAL). I am Usui Reiki II certified by Eileen Dgien, Master Teacher of Celestial Winds Healing. 

Thank you to my teachers, and my teacher's teachers. 

Through one of the Niyama's (our internal observances), a principle of yoga called Svadhyaya, meaning self-study, I observed a common theme among everything I studied. Among it all is a passion to support and serve others, to help uncover and connect with our innate abilities and universal truth, and to empower others to achieve all they are meant to do and heal themselves. I enjoy meeting people exactly where they are on their journey of life! 


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Laurel Limb

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