Guest Teacher, Rachel Bush

Rachel is joining us at Laurel Limb in October for two workshops, and to do one on one Ayurvedic consultations. 

Rachel came to the practices of yoga and Ayurveda with the desire to heal. After her first year of practice she had undergone such a transformation in her health and state of mind she decided to dedicate her life to these practices. She is a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner. Having had a life-long interest in language and communication in the past 3 years she has also been learning and exploring NVC, Non-violent Communication.  She has been teaching Anusara Yoga since 2005 and studying herbal medicine and Ayurveda for over 15 years. 

Visit rachelbushyoga.com to learn more about Rachel. 


The Workshops

Introduction To Ayurveda


October 14 


Ayurveda is an ancient style of traditional medicine from India and a sister science to yoga.  It translates as the wisdom of life or science of vitality.  If you are seeking an alternative for your health and want to learn new habits to support your on-going well-being, join us for this introduction to the world of Ayurveda and learn to apply this knowledge in easy practical ways to your every day routines.  

In this class we will discuss:

  • The 5 elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space

  • The 3 Doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha

  • How to know your dosha and what to do with this information

  • How the change in season affects our health

  • The Ayurvedic philosophy on healing and prevention

Vata Yoga


October 16


Transition into Fall with a rejuvenating asana practice to ground Vata, rejuvenate the nervous system, build strength and immunity and prepare yourself for the coming of winter.

In Ayurveda the passage of the seasons marks a sacred cycle that deeply affects our bodies, hearts and state of mind. Autumn is considered Vata time. Vata's qualities are cold, dry and light. This can leave us nervous, overwhelmed and even exhausted. In this workshop we will learn how by using the principles of Ayurveda we can restore balance to aggravated Vata With both strength and relaxation.    

If you are wanting to stay healthy and strong this fall come and play!

In this workshop we will discuss:

  • The nature of vata dosha and how it affects all of us in the Autumn, or really anytime there is a big change in temperature.

  • How asana affects the pranic body.

  • The psychology of vata dosha

  • How to modify our asana practice to balance and restore our vata dosha.

  • Heart-based meditation

Details from Rachel

Individual Ayurvedic Consultation with Rachel

Individual sessions offer you the opportunity to apply the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda directly to your life in a way that is tailored to your specific needs. These healing modalities are holistic, and therefore will consider the entire picture of your health: body, mind and spirit. These sessions will be collaborative in nature and together we will discover what is at the root of your symptoms and imbalances.

$100 for 90 minute consultation. 

Available Times Below 

Email: Laurene@laurellimb.com to book! 

Healing is a process and it takes time. And so, for your first session you will receive a thorough intake to assess your needs and form a plan based on those needs. Please plan for at least 1.5 hours for your initial consultation. After this subsequent visits of either half hour or an hour will be planned. During your session you will receive instruction and recommendations on how to apply specific practices on a daily basis into your life.

Recommendations may include:


(The physical practice)



(Breathing practices)



Self Care

Sessions are recommended on a seasonal basis. However, if your condition is acute more frequent visits may be recommended. As part of your initial consultation we will form a plan for how to integrate Ayurveda into your life. 

Consultations Times on Oct 14th & 16th

October 14th (ALL time slots are full, see below)

9:00-10:30 - Booked

10:30-12:00 - Booked

1:00-2:30 - Booked

2:30-4:00 - Booked

4:00-5:30 - Booked

5:45-7:45 Intro to Ayurveda Workshop

Email Laurene@Laurellimb.com to book a time slot

October 16th

9:00-10:30 - Booked

10:30-12:00 - Available 


1:00-2:30 - Available  

2:30-4:00 - Available  

4:00-5:30 - Available  

5:45-7:45 Vata Yoga Class

8:15-9:45 - Available

Email Laurene@Laurellimb.com to book a time slot.