Our Teachers -All of our bios filling in soon!


Laurene Roup


Hadas Green

Hadas has been practicing yoga for the past 20 years. She first encountered yoga in private classes with a teacher she was fortunate to meet. Eager to learn more, Hadas traveled to India to study yoga, Philosophy and the science of yoga at the International Vishvaguru Meditation and Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh.  Over the years, she got to practice with many talented teachers and experienced many styles of yoga. Gradually, she left her work as a graphic designer and started to teach yoga. The yoga Hadas teaches reflects the knowledge she accumulated from years of study and practice, focusing on alignment in poses and withdrawing the senses inside. In recent years, Hadas also practices sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls.  IYTA-390 Vinyasa, RYT - alignment oriented (Iyengar style), Reiki level 1


Johanna Kodlick

Influenced by her background as a professional musician, Johanna uses a good dose of imagery in her teaching, allowing students to creatively experience the connection of mind to body and spirit. She became attuned to yoga in her college years and continued to love the haven that it created as she transitioned through young adulthood. In 2011 that she decided to dig deeper and began and completed her yoga teacher training (RYT-200) in New York. Johanna has enjoyed studying with many great teachers who have helped broaden her breadth of yoga knowledge and appreciation in varying yoga styles. She enjoys continuously deepening her understanding of yoga history and philosophy while strengthening her physical practice of the yoga asana, as well as confidently sharing her passion of yoga with others through vinyasa style classes that beam with positive energy and honor each person in the room. Johanna also works as an arts management professional and loves sharing the joy of yoga with her daughter. 


Renee Russell

While Renee dabbled with yoga during her undergraduate studies, she began a dedicated practice as a graduate student at Bucknell. She considers herself extremely lucky to have found Yoga Dear and to have been so fully accepted by its community, which now feels like home to her. She is BEYOND excited to expand her role in the community to teaching as it transitions and evolves (as all things do). She is a lover of nature and science with a background in biology, chemistry, psychology, and animal behavior. Her favorite class to teach is a creative vinyasa class that incorporates a strong flow to get you out of your head and into your body, while delivering doses of yogic philosophy that you can take off your mat. In addition to her RYT-200 certification she is also certified in an Eastern-style of reiki that incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory.

Jackie Kline


Catie Troxell

Catie began practicing yoga regularly with Yoga Dear in February 2017 during her second pregnancy. With the intention of practicing self care in order to love and care for others fully, yoga has become a way of living out everyday life. She has a background in dance, education in Professional Counseling, and is a Certified Aromatherapist. As a yoga teacher, Catie facilitates her class with the intention of each student feeling grounded, inspired, and curious. She holds space for individuals to make the practice their own according to what they need physically and energetically in the moment.  


Hannah Richards

Hannah began her journey of yoga in the Spring of 2016. With a background of 10 years of competitive gymnastics, she fell in love, fully immersing herself in a variety of types of yoga, teachers, and experiences throughout the world. After completing her yoga teacher training at Infinite Source Yoga in Costa Rica, she came home to Yoga Dear to continue her passion. As a teacher she dreams of empowering others to their fullest potential, remembering their true essence while healing their wounds, nourishing their souls, being a spiritual leader as well as fellow student, meeting people where they are at yet encouraging them to go deeper and not be afraid of their darkness or their light. Leading with the breath in all things: meditation, movement, everyday life; while teaching from the heart, leading with the Spirit and Intuition, and allowing them to discover what feels most healing to them in the present moment with gentle instruction.  She believes yoga is a practice for anyone and everyone transforming the body, mind, and spirit. Registered Nurse


Alesia Edelman

Tama Scherer

Sue Ellen Henry