Work Trade Program

Thank you for your interest in our Work Trade opportunities.

We believe that the practice of yoga should be accessible to all. Our studio offers the community an opportunity to maintain a consistent yoga practice regardless of your economic situation. We kindly ask for the financial support of those who have the ability to give it, but we have many opportunities available to exchange memberships and class passes with non-monetary energy exchange. 

A yoga studio requires a lot of energy to maintain, from cleaning, to laundry, to organizing, to working our front desk/check-in, to time dedicated to promoting events, to photography, to marketing or assisting with community events, there is so much to do. There is likely something you can offer our community. We welcome the skills you arrive with and encourage you to be open to learning more skills in your time with us. 

This program is for students who are passionate about yoga and interested in becoming more integrated into the Laurel Limb community. Eligible students may currently be (or recently have been) taking classes at Laurel Limb or Yoga Dear. Students have either participated in an intro special or have been to multiple classes. If you are just beginning a practice with us, you can apply too. 

When trading you can expect to work 1-3 hours per week. Your work trade energy exchange may include:

  • Cleaning - sweeping/mopping floors, bathroom maintenance, vacuuming, wiping surfaces & windows, and sanitizing yoga mats & props. 
  • Laundry - laundering blankets & towels, drying and organizing in respected place.
  • Front Desk - helping with check-in before class, assisting with transactions, inputting new student information & restocking items. 
  • Promoting - distributing flyers, creating online content, answering student questions. 
  • Events - assisting at open studio events and events in the community. 

Sometimes these duties require you to arrive 30 minutes prior to the beginning of a class you are attending or staying 30 minutes after class. Other times, you can take a shift in the morning or evening. These shifts are flexible with your schedule. 

Please be able to commit to the position for 3-6 months. We encourage you to maximize your experience and participate in classes. Through work trade, you are required to attend classes so our energy exchange is equal. When you join the program we will discuss your availability, experience/skills you offer, and what membership/class passes work best for you. 

Please fill out an application

Thank you for applying!

We love our community.

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